About Me - cathysunu

Back in 2005, I moved to NYC with my husband and dog without any particular plan or job. My husband suggested I become on online poker player since it would be awesome to work from home in my pajamas and watch movies all night long. I thought this was a brilliant idea so my hubs  bankrolled me $100 for the first week. I very quickly lost that money and realized I should find a better, more realistic plan.    

I scoured Craigslist (remember, this is 2005) and got myself an internship at a hair and makeup agency that paid me a whopping $20 a day, but I got my foot in the door into the magical and exciting industry of fashion and photography. I ended up becoming a producer and was helping behind-the-scenes with large shoots for Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Gucci, and Balenciaga. I learned a lot about the business, but more than that, I learned about good lighting and styling.

I knew that becoming a photographer was the next, obvious step for me to take. I love the creative process, and I love problem solving, and this combination of passions is how I naturally fell into commercial and portrait photography. I’ve dabbled in many different industries, from shooting shoes to shooting fashion bloggers to shooting musicians. The challenge of creating imagery that stands out and tells a story is what I enjoy the most, and after having kiddos of my own, babies and families became another favorite subject for me to photograph.

I now live in Austin, TX surrounded by my sweet, fun, rambunctious boys, and I couldn't be happier.    

[photo by Elizabeth Sattelberger]

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